How To Sell Gold Jewelry, Coins, And Other Items To Make Some Extra Money

Working with a gold buyer to sell some old gold items that have more value in gold weight than in their current form can be an excellent way to make extra money to put in your pocket. Often, gold scrap is helpful to jewelers making repairs, jewelry makers, and gold dealers that melt it down to make gold bars to sell later. 

Know Your Gold

When selling gold scrap to a gold buyer, it is a good idea to educate yourself about different gold qualities and their value. The purer the gold is, the better the price will be, and most jewelry is stamped with markings to identify the quality. Coins and other items may not be marked, but often you can research the items online and get a good idea of when the item was made and what gold would have been used in the time frame. 

In some cases, there is no way to know the quality of the gold until you talk to the gold buyer and they appraise the piece for you. If the item you are selling is of lower quality than you initially thought, the price the buyer is willing to pay is often lacking, but if you are unhappy with the offer, you can take the piece somewhere for a second opinion. 

It is always a good idea to have several buyers look at the gold items you are selling to get an idea of their worth. You may find one gold buyer paying high and another paying lower prices, so if you shop around, you can find the best price and then sell the gold to that buyer.

Gold Bullion

If you have gold bullion bars or coins to sell, you should be getting the current market price of the gold for the weight you have. Gold bullion is gold formed into bars or coins and is the purest gold available. The purity level of bullion is so high that there are no other detectable minerals or metals in the gold. 

Gold bullion is valuable to a gold buyer because if they can buy it at today's market price and hold onto it for a while, the price of gold could rise substantially, and selling it would then net them a healthy profit. Because of the purity, gold buyers will almost always be willing to pay that full price for bullion, but there are a lot of collectors that have purchased bars and kept them for a rainy day. 

You can sell your gold privately to someone buying bullion, coins, or scrap, but make sure you know the value before you accept an offer for the gold you have so you are not selling it for less than it is worth. You can find the current day's gold prices online, and they are updated daily, so you can always get the current price.

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