6 Outrageous Ways To Raise Money For Your Business Idea That Actually Work

Sometimes you have an idea for a small business or product, walk into a bank for a loan, and walk out with all the cash you need to see your idea through to fruition. Or, not. Let's face it. You need prefect credit, previous experience, and money in the bank to have that scenario work. Who needs to borrow money when you have money in the bank anyway? Very few people, that's who. The rest of us have to get creative to make our dreams a reality. 

1. Max Out Your Credit Card: 

2. Sell Your Gold: When you want to start a business, ask yourself which is more important to you: the meaningless gold ring that an old boyfriend gave you or the funds you need to bring your business to life. There are plenty of places that buy gold jewelry and the price of gold continues to remain high, which is great for people who want to sell.

3. Downsize Your Life: Everyone tells you to cut out your daily latte, but that doesn't net you enough cash to start a business or manufacture a product. Why not downsize your entire life? How small can you go? Can you live in a studio apartment to save money? Your parents basement? A friend's couch? Jim Carrey, James Cameron, and Chris Pratt all lived in their cars before they made it big. You can do this. 

4. Try Crowdfunding: A popular trend in the new millennium is crowdfunding. Instead of trying to get thousands of dollars from one source, you get just five or ten dollars from multiple sources. The math works out the same either way. There are multiple, reputable online sites where you can make this happen. 

5. Get a Side Gig: While a second -- or third! -- job may not be appealing, sometimes you just have to do it. If you are bound and determined to make your dreams happen, working isn't so bad. Plus, it is only temporary, no one says that you are committed to working for any length of time. Make the money you need and then quit.  

6. Ask Your Family: If your friends and family have the means, ask them to invest in your budding company. Don't just take money, however. It could ruin a relationship later. Spell out a re-payment plan with interest and put in on paper. Make it official. 

If your idea for a small business or product is worthwhile, you will find a way to make it work. Think outside of the proverbial box to find the funding you need to make it happen. Contact a company, like IN Gold Corp, for more help in raising funds.